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Bankruptcy – Fresh Start

Despite what you may have heard, the bankruptcy process is still available for those who need to find their way out of debt.

For most people, the word “bankruptcy” has a negative stigma, but why? Bankruptcy isn’t illegal, immoral or unfair to anyone. It is our legal right granted to us living in the United States, and is a practice performed millions of times each year by individuals and corporations.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provides for “liquidation” or elimination of unsecured debt. It provides relief from credit card debt, personal loans, medical bills, payday loans, and other credit that is not secured by property.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a repayment or reorganization of debts. It is also called a wage earner’s plan because it requires individuals to have a source of income to afford and maintain the repayment obligations.

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Bankruptcy is simply a debt solution. Bankruptcy attorney Kevin T. Simon can help you get a fresh start if you need one.

During a free consultation, we can evaluate your financial circumstances and let you know which type of bankruptcy is best for you.

Determining eligibility for bankruptcy is a complicated process. We will look at your situation objectively and advise whether bankruptcy is the best option.

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