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Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say

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I was referred to Kevin Simon by a close friend and I must say the process was seamless ! I would highly recommend Kevin and Leda to anyone who needs to file a bankruptcy !


Thank You Kevin and Leda for all your help, very caring and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!! Thank you Very Much.


Kevin Simon and his staff are extremely professional. Great communication and follow up. I would not recommend anybody else but Kevin Simon law firm. Simply the best.


Kevin and his staff were extremely efficient on every level of the BK process. They made everything easy to understand. The whole process was seamless! I felt very supported. Life happens – due to covid and a significant decrease in my income, I was feeling overwhelmed juggling things. I would highly recommend Kevin and staff ! 5 stars all the way!


Their team is well trained in BK ,friendly and always very helpful:  They are the best! I would highly recommend Kevin’s team, I have great respect for the Law Firm of Kevin T Simon. I appreciate all that they have done . They get the job done, Thank you very much.


Kevin and his staff were extremely efficient on every level of the BK process. They made everything easy to understand. The whole process was seamless! I felt very supported. Life happens – due to covid and a significant decrease in my income, I was feeling overwhelmed juggling things. I would highly recommend Kevin and staff ! 5 stars all the way!


Knowing I had to file bankruptcy at some point added an additional layer of stress in my life. I am extremely grateful Kevin Simon was recommended to me. My situation seemed quite complicated and I was always feeling overwhelmed. Mr. Simon and Leda were always available for my questions and many phone calls. They were understanding and assured me things will work out. I highly recommend Mr. Simon and his team. Thank you for getting me through the process!


Kevin Simon’s law team were very efficient in preparing and discharging my BK-13.  They took care of all issues during the process.  Highly recommend them.

Reynaldo Arroyo

Switching from another attorney to Kevin and his team was such a positive experience! He and everyone in his office are super nice and always on top of any questions or issues I have.
Go to Kevin and his team if you want the best experience going though bankruptcy!


Kevin Simon and his team were exceptional keeping me informed every step of the way. They made the process seamless I shared the information they requested and all of the pressure and burden of the debt was removed. I highly recommend Mr. Simon and his staff they’re top notch professionals


I owned a couple of businesses that were financially impacted during 2020 due to Covid. I owned a gym and a small restaurant that I had to shut down as I lost all revenue for 4 months of that year and when I re-opened I was not able to catch up with the loss of revenue and 80% of my clients had cancelled while my debt was pilling up. I was forced to shut down both of the business and was facing an enormous debt and uncertainty. Being a single mom and no other income I was going through one of the toughest times of my life. I spoke to a few attorneys to get some advice on my situation but was unsure if I was going to file for bankruptcy. When I called Mr. Simon he was very understanding and took the time to answer all my questions and helped me to understand the process. I was asked to come into the office and with his office staff Leda Lopez they were able to go through the entire process with me without any pressure and with compassion for my situation. The process was frightening for me as I had never faced something like this before. With his knowledge of the laws and sensitivity of what I was about to face he was able to help me through the ordeal. Mr. Simon is a great person to work with because I know I must have called him like around 5 or 6 times before I actually decided to go through the bankruptcy three months later. He was patient and knew that even though he spent time with me I could’ve just gone to someone else or not filed at all. That shows into his character because he really cares in serving people and is not just after another client. My experience with their office was pleasant and again and compassionate during a tough time. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a good attorney. Thank you Mr. Simon for all you did for me.


Kevin Simon and his staff made me feel comfortable since the first day of my initial appointment. Anytime i had a question they would have answers . I definitely recommend him !


Kevin Simon Law helped me out big time, felt at ease during the whole process. Highly Recommended


If you need an expert in the field of bankruptcy representation, Kevin Simon is the attorney you should call! We spoke with several different attorneys, but after our initial consultation with Kevin we knew we were finally in good hands. Our situation was complicated, yet he gave us piece of mind with his expert knowledge of the law, the Los Angeles system, and our options. The entire office and all those we communicated with were professional and always there to solve any issues that arose. If you find yourself in need of exceptional bankruptcy attorney with knowledge and compassion – Kevin Simon is the first call you should make.


I can’t imagine life without them!!! They take care of me! Such good care of me!!! When they’re around – i can breathe! They are truly my second family – Thank you Simon! and the ENTIRE LAW OFFICE!!!! I COULDN’T NOR WOULD WANT TO – DO IT WITHOUT YOU! YOU GUYS TAKE SUCH GOOD CARE OF ME – I APPRECIATE YOU! XOXO


Kevin Simon and his entire staff have always been so kind and treated my husband and I with respect. Bankruptcy can be very overwhelming and emotional. I cried numerous times during our first meeting with Kevin. He was so understanding and explained everything he helped me calm down and look at the situation from a different perspective. During the process I could email Kevin, Leda, Alyssum or any of the staff and they would answer my questions right away. On top of the bankruptcy I was dealing with mental health issues and Kevin was so compassionate and understanding and always kept me updated which he knew would ease some anxiety for me. I would highly recommend Kevin T Simon for all your bankruptcy needs.


Bankruptcy is a tough and uncomfortable process to go through. Kevin’s experience and willingness to listen, answer our questions, return calls & e-mails helped assuage our concerns enormously. We always felt we were in goods hands with someone who had our best interest at heart. I recommend him wholeheartedly.


The Law Office of Kevin T. Simon is the only law firm you will ever need for your Bankruptcy matter. Kevin and his staff are not only professionals but more importantly they are compassionate of their clients difficult situation. Kevin will always lead you in the best direction. He listens and finds the best solutions for his clients like he did for our family. His staff is always on top of it and will respond timely and helpfully. We are so lucky to have found Kevin to help guide us out of our unfortunate situation and his advice and support are priceless!!! We highly recommend His law firm to everyone. You are in great hands with Kevin and his staff!

John Aga

My thanks to Kevin and Leda for all of your help and support during this difficult time in my life. Your office did an amazing job navigating me in the right directing during a very financially tough and stressful time for me. Kevin Simon is an outstanding and very professional attorney I highly recommend him and his team.


Kevin Simon and his staff are extremely professional. Great communication and follow up. I would not recommend anybody else but Kevin Simon’s law firm. Simply the best.


Thank you Kevin for the great service helping me getting back on track. When I have questions, I get a response immediately. I have recovered financially thanks to Kevin and staff, I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal services.

A. R.

We are so happy we chose Kevin and his firm. This was a very scary time for us. They were so friendly and comforting. Which made the whole process easier.I would and I have highly recommended Kevin. Allysum is a great person to talk to. She answered many many questions we had . Thanks so much


I would have left 100 stars if I could have. Kevin and his team are top notch – they now the ins and outs of the system and always work to make sure you get the best possible result. They did that for my family saving my ass. They also take the time to really learn your situation and personal story and craft their representation around your needs. We were provided an explanation at every step and the communication is superb I would highly recommend Kevin and his team


Excellent Service Kevin and Staff are extremely knowledgeable. Great follow up always on top of your case highly recommended.


Amazing service by Kevin, Leda, Lauren and Alyssum, all stayed on top of my case, updated me on time. I truly thank you for Kevin and his staff for fabulous service and knowledge.


A five star organization and once you experience it you also would concur. Filing for Bankruptcy is stressful and feels like entering the abyss!
From the first meeting with Kevin and his team I felt very at ease. After asking pertinent questions and listening to me, Kevin took his time to explain the different variables and help me decide next steps to proceed. His team follows through accordingly and are very diligent. Kevin is a consummate professional and his objective to assist you in the process trickles down to his entire staff. I recommend The Law offices of Kevin T. Simon, APC.

Kamran Dehdashti

I was going through a divorce and was struggling and needed a bankruptcy attorney and was referred to Kevin Simon. Mr. Simon was very patient and knowledgeable and that gave me comfort, I knew I would be in great hands. His staff was very kind and always responded to my calls and emails. I would definitely recommend Kevin Simon to anyone looking to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Honest, quick and reliable service, and the cost is less than at other competitors.

Karl Owens

I’ve been a client of Kevin’s office for so long, that I don’t remember how I first learned about him! What I do remember is how knowledgeable, dedicated, and honest he and his staff are. Years ago, I purchased a franchise that turned out to be fraudulent. In order to survive the lawsuit with them, I nearly lost my home. Kevin and his team helped me with every detail of saving my home. I went the route of chapter 13 bankruptcy. It was a long haul, but today I received the letter stating that I had completed the process and the case is closed! Being able to stay in my home, have the time to recover financially was EVERYTHING to me. Kevin and his team never gave up on me. That says a lot these days. I simply cannot say enough about these amazing people. God Bless, you, Kevin, Leda, and Alyssum!


I am glad I found Kevin Simon, he guided me through my bankruptcy and was a somewhat painless process

Jacob Plant

You and your staff helped my family through a very tough time. You gave us the comfort to know it would all work out. Once the process started, your staff kept us updated throughout the entire process and we are eternally grateful.


Atty Kevin thank you and your entire law firm for all of your hard work throughout my case. The thought of having to file bankruptcy was at one time unthinkable for me. As soon as I chose you as my attorney I felt more at case. You made me realized that the bankruptcy is the right move for me.


Thank you Alyssum and team for all your help.


Kevin and his staff have been extremely helpful through this process that has allowed us to get to the final discharge. Thank you, thank you for all your help. I would definitely recommend this law office to others.
Again, thank you for all your help.

Tracy E.

Thank you for always being there for me and answering any questions any time , I appreciate all the help and support I highly recommend this law office and I’ll always be working with them any time I need to,thank you

Sarkis M

Kevin, Leda, and Alyssum are the most professional staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their timeliness and attention to my questions and concerns made me feel like they really cared. I felt shame and had some nerves going into the bankruptcy, and they helped me by making it seamless and with no judgement. I highly recommend this firm!


Thank you Leda. I appreciate your work on my behalf. All of you were so helpful. You are definitely “my attorneys.”

Paula M.

Thank you very very much!! At least one part of my life has become a little more manageable. Thank you for your part in this, Leda.

Kristen T.

Kevin T. Simon is an outstanding attorney specialized in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. He will not try to talk you into declaring bankruptcy if there is a way that you can avoid it. Kevin and his ever obliging staff are never judgmental, always efficient, and have helped me through the difficult process of making decisions related to bankruptcy.

Miriam F.

Thank you, Leda, so much for all your help! It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your compassion and your professionalism with us! I’ll make sure to refer people your way! I’ll forever be grateful to you and your office!

Elly A.

The firm came very highly recommended and lived up to the hype then surpassed it. Always clear in their communications and, very importantly, comforting, reassuring and accessible.


It has been a great relief to know you were there on our side during this entire process. Best, Miguel

Miguel R.

Thank you so much for all your help. I feel like a new man like King Kong just jumped off my back. Wow! Never again will I allow myself to get into this kind of trouble. All the best to you Alyssum!

James W.

Thank you, Shannon, for all of your support and help throughout the process of my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. You and the rest of the staff are outstanding. I knew it was important to take care of my financial business before getting married and your office made this possible and easy. Again, thank you!

Peggy G.

My thanks to Kevin and his staff for the help you have given me. It is not how much I have paid you, but the service you have provided. I am now 80 years old and you have given me a reason to want to live more years.


Kevin, Karen, and your entire team, I didn’t realize in advance how much of an emotional roller coaster I would be riding. The team at your office made this process bearable, and in a funny way, instructional enjoyable. I can’t imagine the stories you hear, and the pain all of your clients must feel. Your office practices law – well – but they also excel at practicing “human”. You came very highly recommended by a colleague, and I’m very fortunate I called you.

Jeff L.

Thank you. I hope everyone is doing well. We appreciate your services and have completely regrouped financially. Much appreciated!

The Bradys

Kevin and his staff were instrumental in helping me get back on track with my finances and minor legal issues. I’ve kept in touch with them over the past 15 years. Any time I had questions or one of my real estate client had questions, Kevin promptly responded. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal services.

Barb S.

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